Close Action at Upcoming Conventions Twenty-first century support for eighteenth century combat


I generally have copies of The Naval Register software with me at conventions. If you are planning to purchase, however, please contact me in advance so I can make sure to have a CD with me in the configuration that you want.

  • Due to continuing problems with running events at this Con, I have given up and will no longer be running Close Action games at Origins. To those of you who have played year after year, thanks for coming, and I hope you can get your Close Action fix in at some other convention!

Council Of Five Nations Saturday October 6
  • The Battle of Cape Santa Maria (also known as the Battle of Cape St Mary; in Spanish Batalla del Cabo de Santa Maria) was a naval action that took place off the southern Portuguese coast on 5 October 1804. A British squadron under the command of Commodore Graham Moore attacked a Spanish squadron commanded by Brigadier Don Jose de Bustamante y Guerra, in time of peace, without declaration of war between the UK and Spain. Legally an act of piracy, this action was taken because the British government was convinced that the Spanish would declare war as soon as the fleet - which was carrying the annual treasure from the New World - was safe.
  • This famous action has been written about in the C.S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower and in Patrick O'Brien's Aubrey Maturin books. Join this august company, and come fight it out for yourself
  • Note that we will be playing an action between two squadrons of late model Frigates. I expect this will be fast and bloody; this is a one-slot event. Beginners encouraged.

Carnage November 2-4
  • Although it is a great convention, I will not be attending Carnage this year.


“Either the distances between the distant quarters of the globe are diminished, or you have extended the powers of human action.”

- Hugh Elliot, letter to Admiral Nelson after his pursuit of a French fleet across the Atlantic