The Naval Register: Features Twenty-first century support for eighteenth century combat


The Naval Register provides far more than just paperwork. It includes features such as:

  • Generation of ship logs for all ships in a scenario with a single click of a button. Logs are fully customized for each ship, including: ship specific gunnery numbers, turn mode chart, uncertain wearing reference, and movement allowance grids. Each ship's initial sail state, turn of entry, and crew quality gunnery modifiers are filled out automatically.
  • A “GM Summary Sheet” to assist the game master in organizing and running large games.
  • A “Scenario Chooser” to help organize the library of scenarios and to sort them by name, date, number of ships, number of players, etc.
  • Preferences screen that allows you to tailor several aspects of the ship's log to your tastes.
  • Compose After Action Reports for each scenario to track the winner, each side's victory point total, elapsed time of play, and notes on the action.
  • View ship data via several different “Reports.” Data presented includes the number of ships of each rate used by each nationality, a listing of ships of a particular rate (including which scenarios they appear in), a history of a specific ship by name, and Orders of Battle for each scenario similar in format to those found in the Close Action Scenario Book.
  • Flag a scenario when it's entire complement of ships are in your miniatures collection, and filter the Scenario Chooser for scenarios with that flag.
  • Create your own scenarios using a built-in Scenario Editor.

“...the use of a number of small models of ships, which, when disposed in proper arrangement, gave most correct representations of hostile fleets, extended each in line of battle; and being easily moved and put into any relative position required, and thus permanently seen and well considered, every possible idea of naval system could be discussed without confusion, and without the possibility of dispute.”

- John Clerk, Esq. of Eldin
“An Essay On Naval Tactics, Systematical and Historical, with Explanatory Plates. In Four Parts.” 1782. Discussing the manner of his analysis of the failings of the British fleet at the Battle Of Minorca