The Naval Register: Support Software for Close Action Twenty-first century support for eighteenth century combat

“The Naval Register: Support Software for Close Action” began as a desire to automate the process of generating ship logs for Close Action, and has grown into something substantially more complex and full-featured than I ever imagined when I first started. The Naval Register was originally conceived as a tool for my own personal use, but I quickly discovered that others felt as I did and wanted a better way.

The software includes all scenarios from the Close Action Scenario Book, and add-ons are available for each of the published Close Action expansions. Each contains all of the required information to print fully customized ship logs for the scenarios - there is no need for you to enter any data. Many other features, including the ability to create your own scenarios, are included.

Are you tired of staying up late the night before the game, busily shading in all those rigging boxes, and computing gunnery numbers? Or perhaps you just don't play as much as you want to because of all the paperwork?

Never create another log form by hand...give your Close Action games the support they need with...

The Naval Register:
Support Software for Close Action

“No day can be long enough to arrange a couple of fleets and fight a decisive battle according to the old system.”

- Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, September 1805, from Sir Richard Keats' account of a conversation with Lord Nelson on his intended plan of attack

Now shipping v1.1 If you have an older version, upgrade by visiting the Patchs & Updates page.
Includes a bonus scenario from the unreleased expansion Years of Victory: the Age of Nelson, 1803-1805!