Open Issues With The Naval Register Twenty-first century support for eighteenth century combat


I would love to say that there aren't any, but that's just not the way software works. I am, however, happy to say that there are only a few known problems. In the interest of full disclosure, here is the list...

  • Opened 2007.06.24; Status=Closed as of v1.1
    Add support to After Action Reports to track nationality, ship name, and player name. Not all players will want to track these elements, so they must be optional. Further, allow searching/sorting of AARs based on player name.
  • Opened 2007.06.24; Status=Open
    When opening the Scenario Chooser, it will pull an existing Scenario Viewer to it. It appears that Scenario Chooser wants to cascade its window to the Scenario Viewer, but it moves the Viewer to it instead of vise-versa. Note that there is no interaction with the Scenario Editor.
  • Opened 2007.07.08; Status=Workaround
    Some printers cannot print the full page length of the ship logs so each log is output on two pages.
    Workaround: When you print logs you will see the normal Windows "Print" dialog. Press the "Setup" button in the lower left corner and change the top margin to 0.2 inches or 4.62 mm

“I have not yet begun to fight!”

- Captain John Paul Jones, USS Bonhomme Richard (40), in combat with HMS Serapis (44), 23 September, 1779