The Naval Register: Purchasing the Software Twenty-first century support for eighteenth century combat


  • $22 for the software with Close Action data loaded. This includes all scenarios from the Close Action Scenario Book, as well as a bonus scenario from the unreleased expansion Years of Victory: the Age of Nelson, 1803-1805.
  • $7 for each add-on product. Currently available add-ons include: Rebel Seas and Monsoon Seas.
  • $3.00 for Shipping and handling for sales within the United States of America. Add-ons will be emailed if possible, and when this is the case, no shipping and handling charges apply.
  • TNR Logo merchandise with the "digital ship" logo is now available for purchase from the TNR Shop at Café Press:
  • Payment options include check, money order, Pay Pal and credit cards (via Pay Pal).

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“[T]he greatest questions of commerce and power between nations and empires must be determined by sea...[and therefore] all reasonable encouragement should be given to a navy.”

- Former President John Adams in a letter to Captain Thomas Truxtun, 1802.