The Naval Register: Sample Ship Logs Twenty-first century support for eighteenth century combat


The ship log forms printed from The Naval Register are fully customized for each ship. There are two different styles of log form available, one modeled after the official logs published in Monsoon Seas, and another style new to The Naval Register.

Each log includes...

  • Ship's command level and number of words available for signaling, with flagships highlighted in orange. New-style logs only.
  • Movement Allowance charts are filled out. Text will be light gray in scenarios with variable wind speed, and black in those with fixed wind speed.
  • Victory Points per section, computed based on ship's total VP.
  • Initial Crew Quality Gunnery Modifier.
  • BGN numbers automatically computed.
  • Initial Sail State (if specified by scenario).
  • Reserves will have their Move Plot area crossed out for the turns before they arrive.
  • Crew Quality levels above the ship's initial CQ are light gray.
  • Uncertain Wear die roll computed (also used for Poor Maneuvering).
  • Acceleration, deceleration, and turn mode chart tailored to this ship's maneuver type
  • Poor Maneuvering, Rudder Destroyed, and Wheel Shot Away check boxes set automatically.
  • Notes from the scenario description.

“...the use of a number of small models of ships, which, when disposed in proper arrangement, gave most correct representations of hostile fleets, extended each in line of battle; and being easily moved and put into any relative position required, and thus permanently seen and well considered, every possible idea of naval system could be discussed without confusion, and without the possibility of dispute.”

- John Clerk, Esq. of Eldin
“An Essay On Naval Tactics, Systematical and Historical, with Explanatory Plates. In Four Parts.” 1782. Discussing the manner of his analysis of the failings of the British fleet at the Battle Of Minorca

Choose from two different styles of ship logs! Download zip files with samples of each: